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In 2000, long time friends and chefs, Dean Simon and Philippe Caupain were traveling in Belgium. While in Brussels, Simon was  fascinated with the popular and delicious waffles his friend knew well. They wondered if they could bring the perfect waffle that Belgians are revered for to the US.

The discussions became reality with the invention of the Brux Brussels Waffle. Initially, offered to exclusive fine dining outlets throughout the US and Asia it was clear the demand for the Brussels Waffle was real. Bolstered by customers demand Simon sought to test the waffle in a restaurant setting.

In November of 2010, Simon founded Bruxie, Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches which was an overnight success.

In 2016, Mike Simon joined the BruxMix team focusing efforts on Business Development, working on R&D and operations.

Today, BruxMix is the leading innovator of clean culinary style products. In addition to the original Brussels Waffle, which is often used as a “center of the plate" feature. Other products developed including, the Liege waffle, European Crepe and Gluten Free offerings are used as platform or canvas for the chef to create with.The Brux Team passionately works with customers developing creative menu offerings to fit their needs.

Whether your focus is breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or dessert, savory or sweet; we have the perfect mix and application for your culinary needs. 

We look forward to sharing our products and opportunities with you.

Team BruxMix

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